The legal bits

1. Introduction

1.1. About these Terms and Conditions

1.1.1. We want your stay with us to be enjoyable and hassle-free; after all this is your home away from home, pretend we’re not even here. We’re not a big fan of rules here at JB Stays but in order to make sure everyone gets the same great experience, gets along well with their neighbours and looks after our property, we needed to put a few in place. We think we’re pretty fair and we trust our Occupants to work with the Terms and Conditions throughout their stay.

1.1.2. Just to let you know, the company’s formal name is “Joyce and Broomes Ltd 11365158, Moorgate House, King Street, Newton Abbot, Devon, United Kingdom, TQ12 2LG (registered in England & Wales), but we trade under the name JB Stays

1.1.3. The Terms and Conditions can be updated by JB Stays at any time without prior notice, although such changes will not apply to bookings that have already been accepted by Welcome Apartments on behalf of the Occupant.

1.2. Using your information

1.2.1. The personal details that you provide to JB Stays are for the purpose of processing your booking for accommodation. From time to time, we may share your details with third parties; if you would prefer we didn’t do this, please let us know.

1.2.2. We work within the guidelines and requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


2. Paying for your Accommodation

The payment terms relating to your specific booking will be advised at the point that the booking is made, and will be dependent upon the terms set out on the channel you choose to book. This may mean payment is due at the time of placing the booking, or when you arrive to check-in to your apartment.


3. Card Handling

We reserve the right to ask you to provide proof of ownership of any Valid Payment Card that you use to make payment to us. If you’re not able to provide proof of ownership to us, we reserve the right to refuse the booking.


4. Contract

Your booking constitutes an offer to us to enter into a contract to hold space for your use within a building that we operate, or a building that we manage on behalf of someone else, or a building that belongs to a third-party apartment provider. The contract is formed on the terms and conditions set out in this document when your booking has been confirmed in accordance with clause 3 above.


5. Security Deposit

We reserve the right to request a Security Deposit without prior warning, upon point of check-in. Failure to pay the requested Security Deposit may result in your booking being cancelled.

This Agreement does not create a tenancy and therefore Welcome Apartments will not register your Security Deposit in an approved Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme.


6. Cancellation & Amendment Policy

We operate a cancellation policy of 30 days. That means if you cancel your booking within 30 days of arrival, you will be entitled to a full refund. If you cancel after the 30 days but within 7 days of arrival a cancellation fee of £50 will be charged. If you cancel after the 7 days, any pre-payment will be charged in full.

6.1. Once a booking has been confirmed by us, it may only be cancelled or amended in line with the cancellation and amendment terms applicable at the time of booking. Where no cancellation and amendment terms were offered the terms below become binding. Any request to cancel or amend your booking should be made to bookings@JB Stays.com stating your booking reference.

If you haven’t checked-in by midnight on the Commencement Date and you’ve not informed us that you intend to arrive at a later date, we will assume you have cancelled the booking and will apply our Standard Cancellation Policy as outlined above. You will not have the opportunity to amend your booking.

We fully reserve the right to cancel, at our sole discretion, any booking agreement made with us at any time up to the point of Check-In. If we cancel your booking any time after 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of your arrival, we shall refund the cost of the booking to you within 7 days of the scheduled arrival time. Once you have moved in to the property, if you breach any part of this Agreement we will terminate your booking with immediate effect and no refund shall be provided.


7. Use

You agree to use the apartment and building for residential purposes only and in particular you agree not to:
Operate any form of business from the apartment;
Use the apartment or building for any illegal or immoral purpose;
Consume or keep illegal drugs at the apartment or building;
Smoke in the apartment or building;
Carry out any action that would cause damage or deterioration of the apartment or building;
Bring any animals or pets into the building or apartment (save for disabled assistance dogs) without first notifying Welcome Apartments and having obtained prior written approval from us.
Obstruct any corridor or emergency exit in the apartment or building;
Damage, misuse, inhibit or render inoperative any safety equipment, fire safety equipment, or alarm system.


8. Cleaning

You will keep the apartment clean and tidy and will bear primary responsibility for its condition on your departure, even if you have asked us to supply you with a separate cleaning service.


9. Noise & Nuisance

You agree not to cause excessive noise in the apartment above and beyond that which might reasonably be expected due to its anticipated use as a residential premise. You agree to use the apartment in a manner which does not cause a nuisance to other persons residing in other apartments in the same building or in nearby buildings and not to obstruct, harass, cause a nuisance to, or inconvenience any person residing, working for or on behalf of JB Stays, or carrying out their lawful business in the building or immediate area.

We operate a zero-tolerance policy to any amplified noise after 10pm and before 8am. We will terminate this Agreement with immediate effect if any Occupant or invited visitor is found to be causing excessive noise.

We operate a strict policy against parties or gatherings in our buildings and apartments. Any substantial complaint or a party will result in any visitors involved in the party being asked to leave and will lead to termination of this licence with immediate effect.


10. Occupants

You agree not to change the number or identity of Occupants without first notifying us.

Only persons notified to us prior to your arrival date and/or listed on our written confirmation of booking may occupy the apartment. You may not re-let/sublet the apartment to any other third party, nor may you permit any other person to stay in the apartment or give keys/access information to any other person without our express permission in writing. You and anyone who occupies the apartment with you further agrees not to use the apartment for any commercial purpose, including without limitation assigning or subletting it or otherwise allowing anyone to occupy it who has not previously been accepted in writing by us.


11. Insurance

We strongly recommend that you take out adequate insurance to safeguard against risks such as theft, accident, or the cost of cancelling. JB Stays will not be held responsible for the theft and/or damage of your personal belongings during your stay in any apartment booked.


12. Feedback and Complaints
We aim to deliver the best possible service, in the unlikely event we fall short of your expectations we want to hear from you. You can contact us via the Guest Services teams for your building. We aim to acknowledge any complaint within five working days